Artwork Care Instructions

When carrying a framed picture, always carry it carefully, holding it underneath and firmly on the side - never carry it by holding the top frame moulding only. Artwork with 3D components should be treated with great care, to avoid components loosening with sudden movement or vibration.

Heavy and large pieces should be carried and installed by two people, to avoid injury or damage.

Avoid hanging artwork in direct sunlight, as this will fade colours and discolour paper and mounts.

Avoid hanging artwork above radiators or other sources of heat. Extremes or rapid changes in temperature can cause timber and paper to warp and dry out, and adhesives to fail.

Avoid hanging artwork in extreme cold or damp conditions - damp can cause paper and mount board to ripple or buckle and may promote fungal growth that could stain the artwork and weaken the frame.

Frames should be regularly dusted with a soft brush or soft lint free cloth. If cleaning fluids are to be used on standard glass or mirror glass, apply the fluid to a soft dust cloth first and take care not to apply the solution to the frame.

When storing artwork, always store in a dry secure environment, store vertically and the correct way up.

Should the glass in the artwork get broken, remove the frame from the wall and, if possible, carefully remove and safely dispose of any loose glass, to avoid personal injury or damage to the artwork. Contact us, or any other experienced frame maker, to assess the damage and make repairs.