Picture Mount Cutting Service

At English Framing Co, we offer a precision, cutting edge, computerised mount cutting service.
Aside from cutting standard bevel mounts to specific sizes with either single or multiple apertures, we can also cut curved lines, all manner of designs / shapes, and even names, letters and numbers and we can even
add V grooves. We have an extensive range of mount colours available.

Please call in to see us if you have any mount cutting requirements and let us know what you need, be it a single mount for personal use or multiple mounts for your business.

 If you have something special that you love, something you have experienced, found, created, were given or have saved, we can frame it for you, so it can be seen remind you of all the great things in your life.

Love it....Frame it


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We are closed on Bank Holidays

T: 01924 455903

E: hello@englishframing.co.uk


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