Double Framing Artwork

We always try to find the perfect frame to complement a piece of artwork and this is a lovely example. We didn't have a single moulding that was just right, so we selected two mouldings which fitted together really well. We chose a smart black outer moulding and a narrower, textured, purple/silver inner moulding and this gave us the perfect picture frame for this particular artwork.

Sometimes a coloured mount can distract the eye away from the artwork, but here we chose a lovely blueberry colour for the narrow inner mount and a wide, soft white outer mount which tonally lifts the background of the painting, making the flowers the real focal point. The whole thing came together beautifully.

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 If you have something special that you love, something you have experienced, found, created, were given or have saved, we can frame it for you, so it can be seen remind you of all the great things in your life.

Love it....Frame it

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