Picture mount revelation

An artist came in to frame some of her artwork & whilst looking at frame & mount combinations, we quickly realized something wasn't sitting quite right.

The artwork had many rich, dark colours and the bright white core of the picture mounts were proving to be too stark against the deep colours, creating a really harsh distracting edge. We knew just what was needed and showed Jeanette a couple of pieces of framing that we have on display, where we have reverse cut the mounts, so no white core can be seen.

This simple little change transformed the framing and made the art, the mounts & the frames really come together, allowing the artwork to be the star.

It was a bit of a revelation for Jeanette who was so delighted that she chose reverse cuts mounts for all her artwork.

A great little solution and yet another very happy customer at English Framing Co.

See more of Jeanette's work



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