What is Art Glass?

‘Art Glass’ is a beautiful product which gives stunning clarity to any framed artwork, especially when used on original art, limited editions & art photography. It is a similar type of product to Museum Glass which, as the name suggests, is used to glaze many famous, historical & precious pieces of artwork, in museums & art galleries around the world. The beautiful clarity and UV filtration of Museum Glass is the highest spec for picture framing glass, yet Art Glass has an impressive and 99% reflection reduction & 70% UV filtration, at a fraction of the price of ‘Museum Glass’. ‘Art Glass’ is used in exactly the same way as normal picture framing glass, however one of the most impressive things you will notice, aside from the enhanced protection from light and the environment, is that Art Glass minimizes reflections, appearing to be virtually invisible and allowing all the colours, textures, brush strokes and even the finest details to look beautifully rich & clear - although you may get the odd finger print on the glass where visitors poke it in disbelief, when you tell them that the artwork actually does have glass. So next time you have any artwork to frame, especially an original or precious piece of artwork, art photography, handmade items, limited edition pieces, vintage/antique items, etc, have a look at Art Glass and see the dramatic difference it makes.

The following are examples of artwork that we have framed using 'Art Glass' - these have been photographed under normal light conditions, which would normally cast countless reflections across the image, and yet you will see that they look like they have no glass at all.

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