Re-framing an old picture

We were asked to re-frame this beautiful reclining nude, charcoal drawing for a customer who had bought it many years ago and wanted it updating for her new house.

Left to our own devices, we removed the old, dark gray mount and ready made metal picture frame and chose this beautifully simple, brown / black, gently curving frame, forward mounted this delicate drawing onto a soft white and gray, double mount and we used 'Art glass' to preserve the detail of these wonderful charcoal marks. The drawing has been transformed into a fresh, new, dramatic piece of artwork, in which the art is now the focus of the picture and it has room to breathe within the new frame, rather than being hemmed in by the dark, old, ready made frame that didn't actually fit the artwork.

A well chosen picture frame, that is made to fit a specific piece of artwork is always worth the effort, as it is an important feature within a room / space, and will be looked at and enjoyed for many many years to come. Love it....Re-frame it.

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