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What We Do

We could simply say that we 'Frame Pictures' for people - however we do so much more...

We frame not just Pictures, we frame Fine Art Paintings & Drawings, Fine Art Photography & Family Photos, Posters & Prints, Cross Stitch & Embroidery, Medals, Awards, Badges, Comics, Books, Stamps, Records, Sports Shirts, etc - way too many things to mention!

We make it personal!

The Process

The journey begins with a conversation to establish exactly what you are looking for and what you want to achieve.

Then taking into consideration your budget we work through the creative design process together, making all the carefully considered decisions to produce the frame combination that is individual to you and that complements not just your artwork but also your style and your interior.

It's a fun process that you will enjoy!

Only when you are happy with the concept do we start to create the frame that completes your finished artwork.

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